Certificate III in ESL (Access)

Course Information

Campus:  Sun Crescent, Sunshine

Course Duration:

Full time (2.5 days for 25 weeks—not including holidays)

Course Commencement Date: Continuing Enrolments

Course Category:  Foundation Skills

Centrelink Approved:  Yes (Approval Number 3P713)

Cricos Code:   068736J


Learning Opportunities

This  course is designed to increase your confidence when listening, speaking, reading and writing in English.  This includes developing the skills to learn, to learn about Australian society and participate in your community,


Course Objectives

The purpose of the ESL (Access) courses is to provide a range of learners with language skills for a variety of work and study pathways.  This is why we call them ’bridging courses’ because there is no specific vocational outcome to the course.  They will give you the opportunity to strengthen your English  Language skills.

As well as developing living skills, computing skills, learning about Australian society and how to actively participate in the community.


Employability Skills

Employability skills are skills which you require to: gain employment, progress your career, meet your full potential and succeed in the workplace.

Employability skills cover communication, teamwork, problem solving, initiative and enterprise, planning and organisation, learning, self management and technology.

A summary of the employability skills developed in this qualification can be downloaded from http://employabilityskills.training.com.au



This course provides a pathway for further study at LAF College of Vocational Education.  The Certificate IV in ESL (Further Study) are available.


Training Facilities

LAF College of Vocational Education has classrooms, study area, computer room, student lounge and a reading room.  See our website for more information.


Entry Requirements

Preferred entry age is 18, with mature aged students most welcome.


Skills Recognition

Skills Recognition is an assessment process that identifies if a person has met the requirements of a unit of competency through previous study (credit transfer) or through work or life experience (recognition of prior learning).

At LAF College of Vocational Education you can undertake a recognition assessment for individual units of competency.

For further information on how to apply and costs please contact our Campus Manager—Kelvin or  read our Credit Transfer and RPL procedures available on our website.


Victorian Training Guarantee

Government funded training is making training more accessible to people who do not have a post-school secondary qualification or who want to gain a higher level qualification than they already have.

This training is delivered to eligible individuals with Victorian and Commonwealth government funding.  For every eligible person wanting to undertake  accredited training at LAF College of Vocational Education, the Victorian Training Guarantee will provide funding to support that training.

To be eligible to access government funded training depends on a number of factors such as: citizenship, age and prior educational history.

Please contact our Campus Manager—Kelvin to determine if you are eligible.  Information on eligibility is also available on our website.


Application Requirements

The enrolment process can be completed once the eligibility process for this course has been completed.

You will need to; complete an application for enrolment, make an appointment with our Campus Manager and bring your evidence of eligibility with you.  Information on the eligibility evidence you will need  and application for enrolment is available on our website .

You will also need to participate in an English Language Assessment and an interview so that we can  make sure you are going into a course that works for you.


Fees and Charges

For information on our fees and charges contact our Campus Manager.  Information on fees and charges is also available on our website.



Course Structure


Unit Code Unit Description

Core Units

VBQU130 Develop and document a learning plan and and portfolio 20 hrs

VPAU502 Engage in casual conversation and straightforward spoken transactions 80 hrs

VPAU504 Read and write a range of straightforward letters and formatted texts 80 hrs


Elective Units

VPAU503 Give and respond to a range of  straightforward instructions and informational texts 80 hrs

VPAU505 Read and write a range of informational, instructional and other texts 80 hrs

VPAU557 Use services in the local community 50 hrs

VPAU599 Locate health and medical information 50 hrs

VPAU554 Use basic computing language and skills 50 hrs


Assessment and Teaching Methods

Delivery is classroom-based and consists of lectures,role play, practical demonstrations group project work.  This is a combination of discussion, written assignments/reports, tests and practical applications. Students receive a comprehensive report on their progress at the end of a five week block. Feedback is provided to establish goals for improvement.




Package Course

Package courses can be offered to international students who have a conditional offer, where they need to meet the English language requirement. For example, where the English language requirement for a VET course is 5.5, applicants must have an IELTS of 6.

A package offer can enable the students to obtain a single student visa if the English language course is undertaken at the LAF College of Vocational Education P/L VET and a place in the English Language Course


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